We – Simplify Teaching. Accelerate Learning.

PAL is a unified platform offered to the K-12 education sector that combines all of Assessments, Learning Insights, Remedial Content and Learning Improvement. We adopt an integrated and inclusive approach to transform learning outcomes by helping all stakeholders in the learning ecosystem – teachers, learners, educator / administrators and parents.

Our mantra is Better. Faster. Efficient.

At PALGenie, we continue to make investments in understanding the science behind learning.

Calibrated Requirements

We understand your world!

Teachers and Learners  have very specific calibrated requirements. We understand your world.

We bring forth Personalised Adaptive Learning (PAL) platform to users in K-12 schools.

For teachers, PAL digitizes assessments and content, automates test creation and provides timely learning insights and analytics, which they can use to take informed decisions about their class / students and connect more with their students.

For learners, learning must be relevant, engaging, ongoing, and made personal. PAL platform orchestrates a personal remediation plan using adaptive sequencing techniques, giving every learner opportunities to learn in ways that connect and support them to the fullest extent possible.

This is not a utopian aspiration. It is the very fabric and DNA of what we do and want to achieve – Transforming Learning Outcomes.