Transforming Learning Outcomes

Our mission is to take the learner and the learning ecosystem from introduction to desired mastery of a concept

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Let the questions be the curriculum
- Socrates

Better, Faster, Efficient, Predictable

Learning is a life-long process. Hence, at PALGenie, we have created PAL which is a unique platform that can be used for creating networks to improve learning outcomes and can be applied as much to K-12 Schools, Higher Education Institutes, Healthcare Services, Financial Services or any other vertical.

We started offering PAL to K-12 education segment in India, as an in-school learning outcome improvement, in mid 2017, and have generated over 2.5 Million learning outcome records (LOR) enabling us to help improve learning outcomes by as much as 24%.

We asked you (teachers and educator-administrators), heard you and understood your pressing need for an integrated an inclusive approach that truly empowers you to gain actionable intelligence about learners and more importantly create the right instructional design to help attain their full potential.